March Foodie Penpals

So there something new in my blog - first entry in English and first experience with Foodie Penpals. My first parcel came from Anna at Urban Food Gardening and it was great! I was amazed how much care and thought  Anna had put into making this parcel. She even managed to write a phrase in Lithuanian:) I was so  pleased, that I forgot to take the picture right away (rookie mistake) and then delicious cheese was gone as well as half of chocolate:) So here's the photo of what was left:
So I've got:
some Irish cheese (I love cheese! and this one was really good)
dark chocolate with whole almonds (kids loved it)
Fig Rolls - very Irish biscuit and very nice - they were gone long before I realised I should take pictures
Barry's tea - now I'm enjoying it every morning
Irish bread mix (still waiting to be made)
Korma spices and dried ginger - it's not Irish but I love spicy food and I'm always keen to try something new. I haven't seen chunks o dried ginger before so it will be interesting to try something wit it.
Thank you, Anna, you made me really happy. I can only hope that Emily at Bristol Bites will enjoy the parcel that I sent.

3 komentarai:

  1. I couldn't even imagine such thing exists! How food-obsessed you must be to discover it...? :)

    1. You just have to read a lot of food related blogs:) Anyway, it's really fun!

    2. That's an interesting comment, I should say. I guess not everyone notices that this blog is indeed a food blog. Having a food blog usually means we are curious about all kinds of food.
      That's a lovely parcel you've got :) And the phrase in Lithuania is a really cute touch :D